Purchase points of sanitary ware


As the rise of living standard, of toilet decorate and adornment also got take seriously likewise, all sorts of human nature is changed, mutilate, the product that modelling diversiform defend bath arises at the historic moment. Below small make up to tell you about the main points of sanitary ware to buy.

1, the purchase of faucets

(1) Look at the surface

Faucet surface did nickel plating and chromium plating processing commonly, the coating process requirement of normal product is higher, the burnish of the surface is even, the blemish such as spot of burr, stoma, oxidation. In addition, the juncture juncture place between faucet main spare parts also is very close, without any loose feeling.

(2) Sense of trying hands

Gently turn the handle to see if it is light and flexible, there is no blockage. Some very cheap products, are using the quality of the spool, rotation is obviously not smooth.

(3) Accessories

Buy bibcock must not forget to check spare parts, otherwise take back to install not to go up also very troublesome. For example, bathtub faucet accessories have flower wine, two water hose, bracket and other standard accessories. The faucet that regular enterprise produces has installation dimension diagram and use instruction manual when leaving the factory, should pay attention to check when choosing.

2, wash basin of choose and buy

Besides the requirement on the style is unified outside harmonious, face basin choose and buy still has the requirement on quality. Pottery and porcelain face basin basically observes the smooth finish of its glaze, the choose and buy of the method and glazed brick is similar. The glass of glass wash basin must be tempered glass, and glass thickness cannot be less than 12mm.

3, the purchase of bathtub

The choose and buy of bath crock besides what exquisite design goes up is unified outside harmonious, still need to notice the following problem on quality.

(1) the steel plate used in the steel plate bathtub is usually 1.5 ~ 3mm thick. Because the steel plate is thin and the insulation performance is not good, it is best to buy the steel plate bathtub with the insulation layer.

(2) the surface of cast iron bathtub and steel bathtub has enamel. When you buy and buy, you need to pay attention to whether the surface is smooth. If the enamel plating is not good, the surface will appear fine ripples.

(3), acrylic bathtubs consists of surface layer (acrylic) and the inner cylinder body (fiberglass resin reinforced layer) compound and into, the good quality of yakeli bath crock surface layer combining closely, stratification, the bath surface should be bright and clean level off, without obvious concave and convex, firm and elastic, junction bite tight skirt and cylinder block, cracks are consistent, tapping sound without holes.

(4), wooden bath bucket is made of wood splicing, the most prone to dripping problem, it is best to fill the water test whether there will be dripping.

Divide afore-mentioned beyond, consider human body to be easy even, basically can observe bath crock dimension to accord with the person by the following respects bodily form: whether the back of a chair is attached to the waist curve, whether tilt Angle makes a person comfortable; The position of the massage hole in the jacuzzi is suitable, and the head is comfortable; Whether the dimension of bath crock interior is the length that the back relies on bath crock, unbend leg, whether the height of bath crock is in ham inside 23 place, such length and height are most comfortable.

4, the purchase of shower room

(1) Materials

The main material of shower room best is toughened glass, real toughened glass looks carefully the ripple that has vague about; The skeleton of the shower room is usually made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is sprayed with plastic. The thicker the main skeleton is, the more difficult it is to deform; The ball bearing of the door must be flexible and convenient to open and close; Screws are made of stainless steel and all hardware must be smooth to prevent accidental scratches;

The material of shower room chassis is cent glass fiber, yakili, diamond 3 kinds, opposite character, diamond fastness is best, bilge is cleaned convenient, yakili material is second.

(2) Multi-functional shower room needs to pay attention to steam engine and computer control board

If the steam engine does not pass muster, it will be easily damaged in a short time. In addition, computer control board also is the core component of shower room. Because all function key of shower room is to control in computer to make board, once computer control board gives a problem, whole shower room cannot be enabled, accordingly, when buying, must ask clear steam engine and computer board guarantee repair time.

5, the purchase of toilet

Closestool glaze should be bright and clean, level off, colour and lustre glittering and translucent. Glaze is bad, prevent osmotic sex to be poor, be infiltrated easily by other material, can leave water be soiled and scale, how swabbing of no help, the yellow spot mark that some closestool bottom leaves is because glaze is bad cause. In addition, because the flatness of pool wall affects the cleanness of implement directly, so pool wall is smoother, exquisite, more not easy knot dirty; Pipes should be relatively smooth, otherwise it will affect sewage, which counterfeit products often do not do.