Product classification of shower


1. According to the form, it is divided into: hand-held flower shower, overhead flower shower and side spray flower shower.

2. According to the way of outlet
(1) General: that is, the shower water flow required for bathing is suitable for a simple and quick shower.
(2) massage type: refers to the water spray strong, intermittent pour, can stimulate every acupoint of the body.
(3) Turbine type: the water flow is concentrated into a column of water, so that the skin has a feeling of tingling and itching. This way of bathing can stimulate and clear the mind very well.
(4) Strong beam type: the water outflow is strong, and the mist effect can be produced through the collision between water flows, which can increase the interest of bathing.
(5) Gentle: the water comes out slowly and has the effect of relaxation.

3. According to the installation height of shower, it can be divided into:
(1) Dark buy flower asperse: metope dark bury outlet center distance and the ground should be 2.1 meters, shower switch center distance and the ground had better be 1.1 meters.
(2) Ming lifting rod flower sprinkling: generally, the flower sprinkling out of the water is defined, and the distance is the best 2 meters.

4. Music flower asperse: as the ceaseless progress of science and technology, mini waterproof sound is integrated into flower asperse in, can let a person also enjoy relaxed and pleasant music in bath. Some high-end products also come with Bluetooth.