Sprinkling design selection points


1. Water-saving function is the key to consider when choosing a shower. Some flower asperse uses steel ball valve core, match with in order to adjust hot water controller, can adjust hot water enters the inflow quantity that mixes cime, make hot water can flow out quickly and accurately thereby. The flower that this kind of design is more reasonable asperses than common flower asperse water saving 50%. The flower asperses much section type function basically undertakes the adjustment that gives water through different outlet namely, in order to achieve the result of water saving, new-style water drench type flower asperses can divide water into ten million tiny the water grain that be like raindrop. The flower of single unit type asperses the most outstanding water-saving means is the water column with sufficient concentration, although rinse powerful, but every sprinkler head can reduce water quantity automatically.

2. Next, pay attention to whether the shower is easy to clean.

3. Shower accessories will directly affect the comfort of its use.

4. The design trend of flower shower products is the combination configuration of fixed flower shower and handheld flower shower, which is to install fixed and handheld flower shower respectively at the same time.

5. Shower products are mainly made of plastic, and high-grade ones are made of silica gel.

6. In addition to the way of water outlet, flower shower also has diversified functions such as energy saving, self-cleaning and constant water temperature.